RTW #2: (June ’12 – October ’13)

I was downsized in May 2012 and leapt at the opportunity to dust off my backpack and take it for another spin around the world.  In six weeks, I’d cashed in my precious American frequent flyer miles for a 16-leg round-the-world ticket called a One World Award, which provided the bones for the itinerary below.

In June 2012, I set out on my own for my second journey around the world.  My intent was to follow the sun while exploring the Balkans, Middle East, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.  I also tried to visit or meet up with friends whenever possible, and to attend all 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments.  I fell short in the end, as I extended Indonesia for another month, which was well worth it as I can always go back to the French Open another time.

Here was my route:

Summer 2012 – London, Ibiza, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Spain

Fall 2012 – Lebanon, Jordan, Egpyt, Israel, UAE, Oman, Qatar

Winter 2012 – Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique

Winter 2013 – Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australian Open/Melbourne and Sydney, Laos, Thailand

Spring 2013 – Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia

Summer 2013 – South Korea, Tokyo, Paris, Spain, Amsterdam, London, NYC/US Open, Costa Rica, US Roadtrip