RTW #1 (April ’01-August ’02)

After taking a voluntary redundancy in the wake of the dot com bubble bursting and ABN AMRO’s acquisition of the US operations of ING Barings, I flew to London and bought a round the world ticket on the One World Alliance.  I bought a 4 continent pass, for about $2,000, which entitled me to 16 flight segments in a one-year time frame.  My friend Suzette and I bought our RTW tickets to begin when we left Europe in late August, which afforded me the ability to extend my trip and add on Central America in the end, as One World considers Central America part of North America in their trip rules.  Brilliant!

We started in London on April 1, 2001 and this is the route we followed.

Spring 2001 – Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Greece

Summer 2001– Turkey, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ibiza

Fall 2001 – Egpyt, Tanzania, India, Nepal

Winter 2002 – China, Thailand, Australia

Spring 2002 – New Zealand, Tahiti

Summer 2002 – Honduras, Guatemala, Belize