RTW Itineraries

My first RTW (round the world) trip began in April 2001 and lasted 18 months.  My friend Suzette joined me for the first half of this RTW until we reached her home in Melbourne, Australia.  I traveled by myself for the second half of the trip, and was completely surprised at how easy, fun and rewarding it was to travel solo, setting the stage for many future solo adventures.

After returning to New York in August 2002, I finished my MBA, went back to working crazy hours on Wall Street, got married, moved to San Francisco, got divorced, and then in May 2012, was given the news that I was the victim of a downsizing.  Most people get upset or worried when they lose their jobs.  I was ecstatic, as I knew that this was my chance to go traveling once again.  It took six weeks for me to plan my second RTW and in June, I flew to London to begin another fantastic adventure, this time at Wimbledon.